Sunday, 14 January 2018

First finish of 2018!

Blimey the link up is not even finished for Q1 and i have my first finish!! This was number 8 on my list and a late addition as i hate odd numbers and wanted another project to make it an even numbered list! I did worry this was going to be really complicated, the instructions took quite a few readings before they set in. The pattern is the triple pouch from the book, “stitched sewing organisers” by Aneela Hoey. I would thouroughly recommend it, great selection of things to make in there. I was aiming to use s mini charm pack of Janet Clare fabric but also needed a charm pack to add into the mix, my fault not the patterns i hasten to add!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Proposed finishes for Q1

Eyes down for No. 1 on the list 😊 I have wanted to make something from Tartan kiwis book ever since I got it, so the peacock in Japanese sparkly fabrics it is!
No.2 I am so excited about. I thought I would have to give up hand stitching due to rheumatoid arthritis but the meds I'm on mean I can still do bits. So I can take up my Pretty Little Italy X stitch by satsuma street again. So chuffed about  this.
No. 3 the mahoosive Liberty quilt, I am in the process of making 144 flying geese but once that's done its only three more simple borders for this one.
No. 4 poor wee farmers wife, I'm over half way with the blocks so let's crack on and get it done!
No. 5 these fabrics are destined for a baby quilt, its due in may so i had better get a wiggle on! Im thinking 8 inch economy blocks,  bit of fussy cutting with these cuties.
 No. 6 I bought a FQ bundle of Neptune and the maiden but could never think what to do with these insane big repeats until I saw this Amy Butler pattern, let's see how this works out.
No. 7 Funnily enough this pattern by Lynne Goldsworthy was done with Neptune and the maiden but I have these lovely koi carp fabrics and big florals I would like to use these on.
No.8 I was going to make another sew together bag with this Janet Clare mini charm pack but then I thought I would like to try the triple pouch by Aneela Hooey from her book, Stitched Organisers. It's for a chum who would like Janet Clare I think.  

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Bring it on 2018, bring * it * on

 So 2018 wotcha got in store for us then? I could look back at 2017 and see only the bad stuff and boy was there some monumental bad stuff. But through this blog I can remember the good stuff and that's always best I think.
So 2018 started off with a very very gentle jogette around the back roads of our house. I have been walking jogging and cycling these roads for 12 years. Bud and I had many adventures up here. Getting lost yompjng across tracks in the fields and heather. Startling deer and loose cows 😊. So it's fitting that if I can't be down Broch beach then I will be here.

So let's all have some fun 😊.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

A posh cup of tea

Last post of 2017, ive had a blocked ear for over two weeks. Drops did nothing,  docs refuse to syringe nowadays so i went private.
Snow was heavy, i struggled to get into Edinburgh but i did! Walked four miles there and back to audiologist but i got my ear cleared.  Its a small thing but small things matter.
I treated myself to a posh cup of tea to celebrate.  Cute teacosy 😀 🐣

Thursday, 28 December 2017

This is four table runners ...

Obviously this is not four table runners! It is actually four finishes combined from my FAL Q4 proposed finishes numbers 7,8,9,10 to be precise. Well i was going to make four table runners but then when i got down to it, i had this gorgeous pink paisley pattern fabric that went so well with the charm packs. But i couldnt use it up in just one table runner, so i thought and i thunk and then came up with this! I also needed something bright and cheery to keep my spirits up and boy did this one do the trick! So i dont know if its elgible as it is changed so much from the origianl proposal but hey its the taking part that counts! And this will go to siblings together which makes me happy.

Jenny Haynes, Pappersaxsten quilt top

OK, i may have gone at Q4 with a vengeance! Yep another finish from the FAL Q4 list number 2 to be precise. This was from the workshop the EMQG ladies did with the rather lovely Jenny Haynes @pappersaxsten i chose to make the sunflower cot quilt
I had quite a bit of Heather Ross fabrics left over from a baby quilt i made earlier this year, so i threw in some sheep and unicorn greys for the center.
Those wee dancing ballerinas are ace arent they!
Annnnnnnd just enough IKEA pink polka dot for the back and binding.

Twisted snowball with Zen chic True Blue

Q4 has been pretty epic! Another finish from my list!! Number 12 to be precise, it was a last minute addition but i got cracking with this at the Thistle Patch retreat. It was such a quick and easy pattern from Pam and Nicky Lintott, snowball with a twist. I so wanted to use up my zen chic True blue layer cake, i adore the effect. Its been really really grim trying to get pictures in the grey Scottish winter so this is the best i could do!
I used up some meterage of camper van fabric, fun and cheerful. This one will either go to Social Bite quitl drive by Jo Avery or Project Linus.
Below is the top after the retreat
And here was some more progress at a rather fab Stirlingshire stitch day