Wednesday, 13 June 2018


Hmmmmmm i dont seem to be blogging a lot about sewing, is that a bad thing? maybe not, maybe im just too busy enjoying the sun? i love the cinema, just going and loosing yourself in a film for a few hours. This weekend was Jurasic World, really great romp good fun, bit too long but that seems to be the way of films now.
So to get my steps in i walked home. Below is a new shortcut i found to get to Camelon, so pretty.
From Camelon or Kemlin as the locals call it i walked along the canal path to the Falkirk wheel.
I always said i would abseil off here one day, dont know if my grip is good enough to do it now but watch this space!

From the wheel you can get to the Antonine wall, i have always been intrigued by this gate, one day i will see whats behind it!

And the best bit??? coming back home to my scoobs, out house is just the very first right peeking out, living here with Mark is the happiest i think i have ever been.

Monday, 28 May 2018

So this is 54

yep this is 54, fabulous card courtesy of fabulous chum Jacky. A day off work, cycle along canal to the cinema to see Deadpool 2. Then gin with scoobs. Pretty damn near perfect day 😀


I think i have more pictures of me down this beach than i do anywhere else. This is Fraserburgh (Broch) beach. I grew up in Fraserburgh and spent a hefty chunk of my childhood down here. The summers in the 70s seemed to last forever and i would come down here with chums and spend nigh on the whole day here.
Whenever i come to visit my mam (85 now and still going strong ...) i always come down here, rain shine or snow. I know every inch of these sands.
They say salt water is good for arthritick joints and i can attest to that! Love a paddle i do.

The weather was so good this last visit i walked down to the beach through the Garden of Remembrance.
Some pretty front doors on the way down.
And who the heck are these fresh faced folks!!!! it me and my scoobs at my nieces wedding. We had only been seeing each other about a year at this point.

More of the beach just for good measure :-)
Tennis courts where i (mis) spent a good chunk of my yoof.
See this evil little thing?? well not so little. Know as Evil Mrs Tiggywinkle. She is in a different place every time i go up there ... certain folks on instagram worry about her sneaking out at night and murdering me in my bed ..... only time will tell :-)

Friday, 25 May 2018

Lunchtime pootle

I am so lucky that i get to work at home when things arent too busy with teching at work. Its great just to get your head down and get cracking with stuff. Its also great because i can head out at lunchtime for a lovely wee pootle. These are the fields over the back of the swing park by my house. How lovely is this? me and Bud walked all along these paths and trails many times.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

First outing on my bike!

I needed a holiday, been struggling a wee bit, combination of things, menopuase, getting used to higher dosage of anti RA drugs and just needing a break, mental and physical. The holiday in Poland was just the fair dab as we say :-) so was this. Wonderful Scoobs sorted out my bike for me. I havent been out on it for about 18 months. The RA last year meant i couldnt get our on it. Now its a bit better under control i got back in the sadle, literally!
Down my favourite canal paths

Love it.

Chopin museum

Why yes its a load of pictures of chandeliers :-) I went to the Chopin Museum after the Dolls House museum. It was OK but not didnt really grab me so i spent most of my time taking pictures of extravagant lighting fixtures for Budthepuppy :-)
Oh this is totally non Chopin related, but i was so chuffed to see C&A,  i do miss them here, best place to get knickers and wedding hats :-)!!
The museum was nice but i preferred the bench in the old town square which played Chopin for you :-)

Dolls house museum

How stinking cute are these!!!! on our last day in Warsaw we went and did our own thing. Mark went to the Warsaw uprising museum and i went to the Dolls House Museum. What an utterly adorable gem of a museum! i had such a lovely time mooching around, the toty wee curtains bedspreads, rugs etc, just fabulous