Sunday, 18 March 2018


Yup its baltic oot there. I forced myself to get out and get the steps in because the weight has been slowly creeping back on. Bereavement ... snow ... i can use these all as excuses but i cant let it go on. 

One thing in my favour is that im thrawn (stubborn) i dont give up, it may take time but i dont want to give up. I wont be beaten!

So it stops here and now, my poor old joints need me to shift this weight, i have the tools, im paying  for gym membership, i have the fitbit food tracker, the gym does a weight and body mass composition thingy so it starts here. Operation “optimal auld age fur budsmam” starts here.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Another finish!

Please meet Priscilla, not currently Queen of the desert but queen of the snow. Yes i know peacocks are male 😊😊 but this had to be Priscilla. This was number 1 on my finish along list for Q1 i started making this at Gartmore. It has now become traditionsl for me and  lovely Ruth to make a twin pattern from Tartan kiwi and this year we chose the peacock from her fabulous book “Animal quilts” All detailed in this post. The fabrics are sll from the Lovely Katy at Japan crafts. Priscilla i might just love you a bit too much 💕💕

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Classic meets modern

Who doesn't love a nested churn dash 😀 or a greek cross, im loving the way these blocks are coming together.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Kindness of (not really strangers but people you haven’t met in real life)

Social media gets a pretty bad press god alone knows ive almost deactivated my facebook account several times. But there are times when i have been on the recieving end of incredible kindness and generosity from social media.
You all know how much i loved my dog Bud, he was my best pal, my sidekick, ma wee boy. Well the lovely Bettis @bettis_stitches on instagram, knows how much i love him too, look
This arrived last sunday, just look at him
Look at those insanely cute dungarees with the little handstitching.
Well if that wasnt enough, the sooper luffly Helen sent this ....
A beautiful scarf for Budthepuppy and the teeniest cutest monogrammed jumpie for Mini Bud!
I dont think i can express how much these mean to me, honestly and just at the prefect time too, exactly when i needed it as well.
Needless to say Budthepuppy is delighted to have a little brother, he has already started showing him the liberty!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Eat my thread dust

Its the end of january so it must be Gartmore time!! Woo hoo! The quilty chums reunite. Its just like coming home.
It has now become traditional for Ruth and i to do a twin pattern. After last years seahorse we decided to go for tartankiwis peacock. I went with my usual ‘in yer face’ colour and pattern palette 😂😂 Ruth went for lovely graphic solids.
Lovely mash up!
Now lets see the proper peacocks
Mine is called Priscilla, i did find out that peacocks (clue is in the name ...) are male but i think Priscilla is in tune with all sides of her sexuality thank you very much!
Saturday night quiz and competition. Well this years theme was minimalism with a set colour palette. Honestly this is as minimal as i can get.
I love the back too.
I didnt win but Janice did, bottom left, so pretty. Well done Janice.
After the competition there was a quiz, two teams, three team rounds three solo. My team was trailing by 8 points at the final round, it was a seam ripping challenge and guess who represented our team 😊😊 yep, yoors truly! I do claim to be the fastest seam ripper in the west but thats becusse i rip a lot of seams! I just had to recreate my triumph for posterity ...
See those young youtubers?? Aint got nothing on a 53 year old arthriticky librarian 😂😂😂
My husband couldnt speak for laughing after seeing this. 
Anyhoo wot else happened?? Well in a vain attempt to exercise off some of the cake we ate i went for a bijoux jogette in the mornings.
All the way down to the entrance.
You can hear the birds all around you.
The bedrooms in Gartmore are amazing, somehow this ended upside down ... but you get the picture
I also finished off the mahoosive liberty quilt! Seemed fitting since i started it there all those months ago.
Wow, still cant quite believe ive finished it!!
There is always music playing and this song i always associate with Gartmore.
So Gartmore with your lovely nooks and crannies
We will be back, so thank you frim the quilty friends

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Fabric tokens

Ive been feeling since january that i am emerging from self imposed solitude. The end of last year was brutal in many ways i gradually stopped doing things while i adjusted to the medication. I stopped the quilt guild the rural even going to the pictures. Then the end of the year was just tragic. But this can only go on for so long, i need to reconnect, its hard though, you go back and people are talking about stuff you know nothing about, you feel out of place. I totally stuffed up the rural raffle! But people are kind and make allowances and life as they say goes on. So i need to make plans! I can and should make plans so lets make nice ones! Lets see how much money i can save for a huge big blow out at the festival of quilts 😊. I loved book tokens when i was a kid. I would agonise over what to buy with them, it was my perfect present. 
These may not look like fabric tokens but they are 😊 i commute every day by train, its not too bad but when it goes wrong it goes spectacularly wrong. I never used to bother getting compensation, i have an annual season ticket and it didnt seem worth it .... how stupid am i!! They recently made it easier to claim delay repay and you can exchange them for cash!! Ive only been collecting them for ten weeks and i nearly have £50😳😳😳 just goes to show, two pounds here a fiver there and a massive stuff up last week ... (almost twenty five pounds worth) and i have a large wad of cash for the festival of quilts this year 😊 lets see how much i can get. They need a home to keep them safe and sound so where better than my lovely Festival of Quilts panda wallet made by the lovely Ruth.
It was as if it were made for them 😊

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Classic meets modern BOM

I need another project like i need a hole in the head! But i loved the layout of this quilt so in i jump. The first two blocks came together nicely.
Im using mostly my collection of dashwood studios fabric with some low volume thrown in for good measure.
I think the bright and cheery fabrics are my attempt to ignore the grey and snow outside!