Wednesday, 5 October 2022


 Cheers! so this happened! first holiday which was not annual leave 😊blimey! so I broke out the 18k prosecco which my beautiful chum Jacky gave me for this very occasion! and pretty damn fine it was too.

We had a lovely cottage - Teenys cottage, very cosy and snug. 
Day one was outing to Fairy Glen, small but very pretty.

The weather was very Scottish!

Thats Scoobs up the top!

Day 2 was the Museum of Island life

Flora MacDonalds grave

Followed by dinner at the 3 Chimneys ... OMG totally amazing!

Oysters to start
Best langoustine i have EVER had
Venison and OMG the chanterelles ....
We do have a good laugh!

My dessert .... totally fab

Day 3 was Dunvegan Castle and Gardens scampi for lunch then the Fairy Pools!

Day 4 last day was up to Neist point ligthouse

Followed by one of the best meals I have ever had! OMG Edinbane lodge was amazing