Sunday, 31 July 2022

July furtle

 Well what has been happening in July??? It started off on facebook with the following photo, it showed up in my memories so I shared it again because it is one of my favourite pictures of me and Mark at my graduation in 2016.

One of my lovely (non quilty) chums sent me this which absolutely made me roar with laughter!

Facebook memories have been throwing up a lot recently, this was 7 years ago, my chum David making me my bespoke sewing table, a fantastic ikea hack which cost me 50 pounds and is still going strong!
There have been finishes! This was made from a layer cake of chirp chirp kindly donated to the charity quilt cause by lovely Kim! Thank you Kim i had a blast making this one.
More progress on this! My retirement quilt, it’s the Discovery pattern from the book “sewing with liberty” from Jenni Smith sews, loving making this one, one more round to go!
Oh we just had the loveliest day out, went to Drummond Castle gardens with Scoobs, how beautiful are these!
Oops bit out of sequence, earlier shot of retirement quilt
I went to see the Barbara Hepworth exhibition at the modern gallery in Edinburgh, really nice but my favourite bit was this ceiling.
We have been having some great skies recently. How beautiful is this one.

July has been an odd month, its 4 weeks now till i retire, a huge occasion for me, am still processing all of it, my goodness what a milestone. See you at the end of august!


  1. Your retirement quilt is gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the next round being made! Thanks for Furtling! And hooray for fantastic finishes! *waves pompoms*

    1. Thank you! Maybe a retirement finish for August 😊

  2. Oh wow, so much happening! Fabulous progress. Can't wait to see your retirement quilt continue. Hoping all goes well in August and that you are able to enjoy retirement!!!