Saturday, 25 June 2022

Budsmam liberation weekend

I can post this now!!! now that the news about my retirement is out in the open i can post about my fantastic retirement weekend with the loveliest bunch of chums!

I started planning this last August, at that point i thought i was going to leave in may of this year, for a variety of reasons that got delayed and i will now leave in August. i was handing in my notice in May so we all sttill went ahead. I put together a group of lovely chums, chums who have helped me through the years.
What to Take? What to pack? Well I picked a rather special pattern from the Jenni Smith sewing with liberty book. I want to make the Discovery quilt in liberty. 
Oh my goodness I almost wept wheni saw this lovely entrance again. We were in what I like to call the ballroom, lovely airy spacious room.

I popped into the Cayzer room for a look.
I hadthe same bedroom as  before!
All setup waiting for chums to Arrive!

On the Friday night we had a show and tell! Here is lovely Sue with her lockdown makes. 

Cath with her makes!

View from bedroom window.

I was blown away by this, lovely lovelyJo bought us all these metal water bottles 🥰 made by her daughter Emily, @sovendebjorn how utterly amazing are these! 

Jo and Kim happily hand sewing.
Kim's utterly amazing Jack's chain.

Sheena working on her entry for FOQ.
Jo's tula pineapple quilt and my center medallion.

Happy busy sewing.

Cath got me a new panda chum! Po

Oh my word, they got me a cake! And how perfect is this!

I will have a  dry happy retirement because I am blessed with such wonderful chums.

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