Friday, 6 October 2017

Proposed finishes for Q4 FAL 2017

And we are out of the starters blocks and raring to got for Q4!! Q4eh? Blimey 2017 you are fair ramping on. This time I will remember to number my list! Make it easier ...  Number 1 Farmers wife, I am way further ahead than I thought, almost halfway! No excuse now, keep chipping away at it

Number 2
I had just the most fabulous time at a workshop by Jenny Haynes - @pappersaxsten learning curves, the blocks are made just need to be put together for a linus quilt

Number 3
I made a mini one of these for the stichgathering postcard swap, loved it so much i want to make a mini one for myself in Liberty.

Number 4
These are left over from the Petra Prins quilt I made last quarter I think they would look fab in this charm square pattern and I think I have enough fabric for it too!

Number 5
I was charmed into buying a fabric marbling kit at the knitting and stitching show this year. This is the sample the man let me keep. I so want to make a flying geese lap quilt like the one he had on display, I have done most of the prep to marble the fabric, just need to find the time to get down to it!

Number 6
 Sligthly more ambitous is finishing off this mahoosive liberty medallion quilt .... i have a few retreats coming up so you never know!!!!

Number 7
I seem to have aquired a rather unhealthy amount of charm packs .... Some of these are over three years old! I will not buy any new ones till I clear out some old ones, this will make a nice little lap quilt.

Number 8
My local church is always looking for sale items so these next charm packs will become table runners for them

Number 9
Table runners for the church sale

Number 10
Table runners for the church sale.

Number 11
Right now this is also ambitious but hey in for a penny ... i have done all the blocks from the todays quilter BOM with Jo Avery, now to put them together possibly for siblings together? 

Number 12
Just coz i dont like odd numbers i will add in another this is destined to make at the Katy Cameron Littlest thistle retreat in November, layer cake from Zen chic whats not to love!




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