Sunday, 5 May 2019

2019 FAL Q2 another finish!!!

Well i wasn't expecting this to appear so soon on my FAL finishes! it was no.16 on my FAL list I had thought to make an Aneela Hoey booklet pouch for my pappersaxten templates. I seem to have quite a collection of them! My original thought was to make it from selvedges but i realised that would take far too long, the reason for the hurry was that I had also rashly offered to make Jenny Haynes (Pappersaxten) a pouch too. I knew she loved Lucy Engels fabric and i happen to have a rather substantial back catalogue of Lucys fabric! Being paid in templates was a bonus!
So here is my pouch, i had to adjust the pattern to make it fit the templates, I also didn't use vinyl for the front of the pockets, i thought the templates might poke through.
So, i used up some long hoarded Anna Maria Horner for the outside and most of the inside too!

I was SO nervous about making the one for Jenny, she is so lovely and kind but i just put myself under too much pressure. I had enough of the black and the white bees for the outside and inside cover. The pockets were a mixture of bees and some of Lucys older prints.


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  2. What a great idea to store your Pappersaxsten templates in a pouch like this, I'll have to make one (or similar), too, I think... Well done on adapting the pattern! Thank you for participating in the FAL!

    1. Thanks! I love making this pouch. Its quicker to make than you think