Sunday, 29 April 2018

A weekend at the cinema

Ive learned a lot this weekend, one of the main things is that I cannot abandon projects but hey I knew that anyway, I'm pretty stubborn! this farmers wife 30s quilt is slowly very very slowly nearing completion and this block below almost broke me, not just y seams but multiple y seams in one seam if you know what I mean ... my photography is shocking but hey, you get the gist!
I also learned that I need to stop living in my mind so much, making up stories of how life is going to pan out, I don't have a crystal ball and the future is not written yet. I can make up as many stories as I want about my health, about my job but none of it is written. I should know that the world can turn on a sixpence. start living more mindfully, in the moment.
I went to see three films this weekend! great fun. I have started a new "thing" I get popcorn and frozen yoghurt from Marks and Spencer to take in with me, half the price of cinema snacks and a lot healthier.
Mind you I totally blew that today by going to a local baker for 90 pence worth of chips and a cup of tea :-) I had great fun walking along the canal back to my car eating chips and drinking tea.
I remember one of the lines from the Avengers Infinity war which I saw on Friday - "there are 41,567 possible endings" I need to remember that and stop trying to predict them.
I also learned that lovely messages come out of the blue when you least expect them but need them most. Thank you :-)

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