Monday, 21 August 2017

Ower Scoobs

For some reason bloglovin seems to think all my posts are from 48 years ago?? Some weird thing happening there! So this is just really to test and see what's going on?
But it's also to celebrate my husband, Ower Scoobs (he does a mean Scooby Doo impersonation)
I just simply couldn't do this without him. Here he is spending his Sunday afternoon putting up a chandelier in the sewing room because he knew it would make me smile. And it did.

When it became apparent in May this year that my aches and pains could not be wished away as menopause side effects, this was the birthday card he gave me. He is quite simply the loveliest of men. My Scoobs.


  1. Scoobs is fantastic. You can tell him I said so!

    P.S. Looooooove the chandelier!

  2. Scoobs blushed and said fank yoo 😀 the chandelier is my favourite thing ever!