Cinema 2019

OK bring it on 2019! can i beat last years total and completely spank my cineworld unlimited 
December (4)
Rise of Skywalker

Jumanji - the next level
OK its not quite the first one but still a belter and they tried to be different!

Frozen 2
Oh i just love this franchise, perfect!

Knives out
Again ignore the trailers, loved it

November (3)
Really liked it, ignore the reviews!

Loved every minute! 

Terminator dark fate
From now on I'm channelling my inner Linda Hamilton 😂

October (4)
OMG just the best!

Ad astra
yup loved it, good solid movie.

Just adorable!

Wow, just wow, OMG just amazing ....

September (2)
IT chapter 2
hmmmmm I did like it but seriously 3 hours???? it was great and the blending with the younger children was well done but come on, could have trimmed off 30-40 minutes.

Hobbs and Shaw
Loved it, totally adored it, quite bonkers, Ryan Reynolds was hysterical in it.

June (2)
X men Dark Phoenix 
Yes I liked this, no the most amazing movie but a good in all the same

Ok i can see why it got panned at the reviews but hey it wasnt THAT bad, just not THAT good

May (4)
Rocket Man
Loved it, cried, a lot

Detective Pikachu
I know nothing about pokemon but adored this! Sweet funny Ryan Reynolds was ace as ever

Yup good, not amazing but good. 

Avengers Endgame
whoof!!!!!! what a blast.

April (4)
Why of course i cried ...... very good, loved Colin Farrell

The Missing Link
Fab! OK maybe not up there with the top 10 but still a solid wee cartoon, loved it.

Sisters brothers
I'm really not sure about this one, Reilly was amazing but I just didn't engage until the last half hour really.

Loved it, just a smashing movie, great fun moved along, super cast.

Captain Marvel
Loved it! all the blasts from the past, great storyline and not too overblown, a wee cracker.

Fighting with my family
Loved it, just super Rock movie, all the cast fantastic, Nick Frost super fab as ever, and Lena Hadley! soooooo funny and moving.

The kid who would be king - (4)
Loved this, great script, cracking acting, bit of social commentary. Lovely!

Alita Battle Angel
Well this was everything which Mortal Engines should have been, great set and beautiful vision.

Lego Movie 2
Hmmmmm it was OK, got going in second half but I wasnt too keen on first half, it dragged a bit
How to train your dragon 3
awwwww cracking ending to series, really loved it.

January - (4)
Mary Queen of Scots
yep, pretty good, almost very good but for some reason it took me a while to warm to this picture. Once i did though it was good, not enough of Margot Robbie though, she was excellent.

Stan and Ollie
Oh my word, John C. Reilly is completely forgiven for Sherlock and Watson. And Steve Coogan... What a pair of exquisite performances. We are still humming and dancing to some ball 😊

Loved it!! 80s music nice plot moved along at a good clip what's not to love!

The Favourite
and WHAT a start to 2019, flipping heck, Olivia Coleman was amazing, i felt sorry for Emma Stone and Rachel Weiscz because they gave incredible performances but oh my goodness this is Colemans film. And Nicholas Hoult in make up and a wig ! fabulous.

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