Saturday, 14 August 2021

Holiday July 2021

Well still living in very strange times, it feels like we are slowly, hesitantly moving forwards but still a lot to play for in this whole global pandemic situation. So for our main two week break we decided to stay at home, I did get a trip up north to see folks which was nice. Scoobs got away up into the hills so it was all good. 
We were determined to walk to our local cafe - Canada Wood and have a nice boozy lunch, we looked up the weather and picked what looked to be the most promising day. All was well on the walk up, we passed by our local farm which always has a nice display of flowers.

I checked in on my fence posts
We rocked up to Canada wood and I felt I looked uber cool in my shades 😂

and it started to rain 😂
did we let this deter us???

did we heck as like!!!
ach it was good fun and something we must do again, it was five miles each way so I was exhausted when I got home, nothing at all to do with the three glasses of wine I consumed 😂

I also went for a walk round one of the parts of the Antonine wall we have near us, such a lovely bit to walk around.

I may have partaken of a glass or two of wine 

Poor Lloyd the Llama got knocked over by some binding.

Dignity restored!!!
I also enjoyed some gin as well as wine!
oh yes and i finished the first of the floral big cats! Panther!
Just some lovely cows
Autumn is on its way
my donkey chums have had a hair cut!

We went to Flanders Moss which was small  but very interesting

And the garden was in full bloom!

 And we saw a wee toad on the road!

All in all a very good holiday, and perhaps my last two week break 😉


  1. Looks like a lovely holiday! Had Lloyd been partaking of the gin as well?!