Monday, 19 July 2021

Pandemic totemic

 A weekend of real life face to face, real live people. How just wonderful is that, I’m still in a hazy glow of real life wonderfulness. 

These small bags have been a symbol for me of the pandemic. When I went to Japan I bought back some small sewing gifts for two lovely quilts chums. 
That was the end of February 2020, it was very very clear in March that it might be some time before i would be able to hand them over, we agreed that we would wait till we could meet up in real life before I handed them over. I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that it would be be 18 months ……
These wee bags were safely stowed away in my sewing room down the side of my chair, I would look at these and there were points in the last 18 months when i didnt know if i would managed to hand them over.
The bags were filled with sashiko threads and needles from the hidden needle shop in Kyoto.

The colours were chosen with my chums in mind. It was quite an emotional moment to hand them over. The meet up was full of emotional moments, my lovely chum bought these Japanese fabrics on her first outing to a quilt show with me and another chum. I still remember standing at the stall chatting with her while she chose them, what a fabulous finish!

We ate pizza outdoors. We showed we telled and it was utterly utterly fabulous day.
Next up Sunday, another totally totally emotionally wonderful day. wonderful people round on a beautiful day for a BBQ and chat and wine and visits up to the Antonine wall. I still cant believe it is all quite real. 

My favourite people in the world all in real life, there are no words, there really are no words ❤️

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