Sunday, 6 June 2021

Bionic Budsmam 😂😂

 Well well well that’s it done! Over a year late but hey ‘global pandemic’ and all that so cannae complain. Double cataract surgery. I was nervous but I was also acutely aware of how flipping bad my eyes were, so that overcame a lot of the anxiety.It’s amazing how quickly you come out, all over and done with in 2 hours, the actual op only takes 15 mins!
 I was most taken with the tea and biscuits after, no really I needed them!
Nice oaty biscuits, fab. The Scoobs was on driving duty and took me home. You get an shield over your eye to stop you touching it. A chum said I looked as if I had been defibrillated … jeez cheers chum 😂😂😂
Actually I can see where she was coming from 😂. But omg the difference is AMAZING. Can you see? I had to pop out the lense from the left side, didn’t need it any more ! Well it’s the right side as you are looking at it but see? No reflection!
So this week the second one got done, all fine and dandy just need to be careful and not overdo it. I will need reading glasses but can’t get eyes tested for 6 weeks until eyes settle down, that’s fine, they said I could use cheap reading glasses meantime.
But I will have to get used to being without specs! It feels so weird as if I have forgotten something …. But hey I can see clearly now!