Monday, 5 April 2021

End of an era

 awwwwww look at his little face 😂 end of an era for mini mini Bud, his favrit liberty seller and beneficiary of much of my credit card debt is winding down her liberty selling ..... yup ower beloved Aunty Sarah - Duck egg threads is moving in new directions which is sooper exciting for Sarah but oh so sad for a little felted puppy 😢

but loooooooook! he got a shout out as her "most favourite customer ever!!!" Well that cheered him up 😂

We first came across Sarah when she so generously sponsored the Stitch Gathering, I kept those packets of beautiful liberty hexies and some folks who *whispers* dont like liberty 😱 just plain weirdos if you ask me!!! but they were kind enough to give them to me which was lovely! so maybe I shouldnt call them weirdos! - sorry ...
anyhoo Sarah was ever such a super person to buy for, she fully engaged with Bud, both mini and mini mini and she even started addressing my liberty deliveries to him!! that caused some stir with the neighbours I can tell you! she also really outdid herself with this ....
his very own VIP liberty lounge for the 2018 FOQ 💗 how amazing is that! and Mr Duck Egg Threads helped with the sign, what a lovely pair!

so end of an era, but we wish you all the very best Sarah with your new endeavours and we will see you virtually in your sewing socials !

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