Monday, 1 February 2021

Blossom Jane update part deux

 Well progress on Blossom Jane was halted by the urge to use up all my charm packs, now they have all been used I can come back with a clear conscience to Blossom Jane.

The last time I posted I had got up to block B01 I think, I am doing them all in sequence and aiming to only use one unique accent fabric for each one. I have managed that so far but am running out of options I think I will order a Japan crafts layer cake and fingers crossed get enough out of that for a lot of them.

So this weekend I realised I had all of rows A and B finished! so with no more ado I whacked them together:

My main concern is that the background colours dont shien through enough so you can see the differences between the red gold and blue, but hey its a big busy quilt! there is enough going on here to keep folks amused!

Love the one above, you can see my iron burn ...

I really want to find out more about the era Jane Stickle made her quilt in, so much resonates with just now, very very different and no we are not technically at war but there are so many similarities with feelings anxieties and using craft to keep us sane!

the book below is the book which inspired the whole 'Dear Jane' phenomenon, it was the one in which the quilt first appears in print. I was glad to find a second hand copy, fascinating reading.

So these are my first blocks in row C, I only have 16 blocks and then I will be in single figures for getting the rows done. Its all in the process!

I do love the one above but blimey that was tricky to get the placement of the figures!

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