Tuesday, 12 January 2021

sewing room retrospective

Wow! this brings back memories!!! I do like seeing my memories in photos or on facebook, sometimes they are very poignant. This picture came up a few days ago and prompted me to look out any pictures of the sewing room over the years. I am spending so much time in here just now its like my second home!!!
The above picture is almost the very first set up of the sewing room (or the blue room as we call it, trying to pretend I havent taken it over completely for my hobby 😂) We did originally have a full double bed in there but then we moved that through to the spare bedroom and put a sofa bed in its place. I used to sit or lay on that sofa bed working stuff out or just chilling, we still have the bedding which is on it in the picture! We dont have all the cushions any more though, I am pretty sure i gave away the ones at the back, they were a cross stitch of the seasons from about 25 years ago .... maybe even more! The quilts on the wall date this picture, It must have been after 2012 as I only finished the hello moon one (the one facing us) in 2012, the one on the left wall was from 2011, I still have these, they are my favourites! they still hang in the sewing room almost 10 years later! Mini Bud (laying in his bed on the bed!) is still there of course!

Well this post definately dates this, I think I was using up a whole load of orphan blocks I do remember making some quilts for Linus with a lot of Orphan blocks. 
I love the picture below dont know when it was taken but must have been after 2015, that was when I got this table made for me by my lovely chums Mr David! he had a hacksaw and helped me hack this Ikea table so I could get an inset sewing machine bed. That was such a fun day, I still have the table, but now it is a standing table! mounted on five bricks per leg!
I think these were flowers I got from the ARLG group when I was sick, I still remember that, so kind. I only have a few Marks and Spencer tins in the cupboard underneath. change days now!!!!
More pictures of the flowers, but what I notice is the pieces on the chair! I was obviously making the makers tote, challenging patter but one I am proud of making!
Oh the days of the heaty yellow warmy thing 😊 I think I was working at home that day, looking at this picture all I can think about is that I am wearing tights! havent worn those in over a year now .... you can see the cupboards have moved across the room now, they have moved quite a lot in the 15 years we have been here!
so many memories here! the cushion on the rocking chair is from a class I did at the very first stitchgathering! Apple Core with Fiona - poppymakes who is now a chum on Stirlingshire stitch and the Glasgow modern quilt guild. Looking into the cupboard you can see
the IKEA ironing board cover I loved so much, plus no one hour baskets to 
ooohhhh look at this, that was a really old configuration, the cutting table beside the radiator 😄 aww, I feel another reorganisation coming on but I dont know what i could do, seeing these pictures make me realise I have tried every configuration possible!! If you look to the middle of the left hand side you will see one of the vey early carpet burns I made!! Its a cheap  nylon carpet and doesnt take it well when i drop the iron on it!!  and to the right (and up a bit) from the table leg is another carpet burn, I was ironing something on the carpet (do not ask me why ...) and it still melted through the thing i was ironing!!! oh im almost greeting with laughter here! Interesting to see how clear the floor is, I have a lot laying about on the floor now, maybe thats where i start re organising?

awwwww this picture melts my heart it really does. My scoobs, this is from last christmas, my mam was ill last christmas and I went up to look after here for a week, absolutely the right thing to do but i had so many other plans for that week and I really needed some good time off, hey ho, family most important! anyhoo, my scoobs offered to re paint the sewing room for me and got to it straight after he came home, he repainted the walls a nice sunny yellow colour and rehung all my quilts.

Here he is, I do love this man more than I can say.
The chandelier of course still takes pride of place!

I know I am the luckiest person alive, I have this room all to myself, I have a husband who helps me with it and some of the happiest memories in here are of having chums come visit and having my scoobs come eat his lunch here at the weekend and come up with cups of tea. It really is my happy place.

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