Thursday, 31 December 2020

A quilt Ten years in the making!!

 Well this quilt a mini has not appeared on IG, some things are too personal too private, so yea! Lets post them on the blog instead! 😂😂

On October 30th this year I celebrated 10 years of marriage with my Scoobs. It was a fantastic day surrounded by family and chums. 

I made this mini from the Sarah Edgar pretty fabrics and trims pattern - a little happiness in every stitch. And my darling Scoobs there has been happiness in every stitch of our marriage. So in this mini  images to incorporate lots of my marriage special things ...

Here we have the sparkly things Into my bouquet. I kept these for 10 years looking for something to use them in.

and here is the bouquet with the sparkly bits

These are my earrings!! I bought several pairs some costing a lot and these costing 2.99 from florence an Fred!! Just goes to show ....
The liberty deer were put in because we see deer on our walks around our local country lanes

And here are the earrings on the day!

This is my scoobs favourite liberty fabric castaway I used up a lot of my favourite liberty fabrics in this, capel obvs! but also teeny tiny bits of favourite fabrics.

It doesnt show up very well but in the picture below can you see the ribbon in the middle? this came from my bouquet as well, i made all my bouquets for the wedding. got this ribbon in John Lewis sale, it is lovely!
This picture shows the ribbon and the sparkly bits better

If you look at the picture below, there is some Hello Kitty liberty under neath the "a little happiness in every stitch" quote. I bought that on our visit to Japan this year.

Yup so much happiness in every stitch of our marriage my Scoobs
This lovely man rocks my world.

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