Thursday, 31 December 2020

December furtle

 Well, sayonara December 2020, i wont be sad to see the end of 2020, 2021 will also still have challenges but hopefully light at the end of the tunnel? the winter months have still been full of fence posts and donkeys! Honestly these have been the highlight of my day.

but what crafting? There was still crafting going on! I got the first row of Blossom Jane done! Really enjoying this and finding out more about quilting in the civil war.

I made some pouches! And used my sooner speshul panda snowmen fabric, this is a lovely quick and satisfying make from “that handmade touch” by Svetlana Sotak

And I did it in Rose gold fancy metallics as well !

I had some finish along finishes too! My Isabel shawl was finish no 3 on my q4 list, the lovely uchitata merino single wool was fantastic to knit with

I bought this wool on the last indie burgh craft crawl, a great event held in Edinburgh every year well not last year obvs! I got back into knitting because of that event, this is the last ball of wool before I have to contemplate the “worlds most expensive ball of wool” and what I am going to do with that, but for now I have got my cross stitch groove back on again so that’s keeping me occupied!
I won these fat quarters on instagram from the lovely Morris Textiles, I have been saving them up until I could find a pattern that I could use them all up in, I found that in the hunters star pattern from issue 67 of todays quilter it’s by Lynne Goldsworthy, lillysauilts, I couldn’t make the whole of the pattern it had a churn dash border but I had just enough to make the center hunters star part, i literally had trimming left over I used every single scrap of this fabric! Which I am pleased about.
I have also gone on a finish along sprint, trying to finish as many long languishing projects as I can ... it’s cold and icy outside so I can’t go for walks, I have my wee stepping machine which I can do while I am watching filmed, currently binging on the hobbit films, I used to curse Peter Jackson for making so many films out of a small book but not now!
Ok it’s New Year’s Eve I have had a few  gins.... (quite a lot ...) and some cava so apologies for spolling mistooks 😂
It’s been the weirdest year ever hasnt it??  Strange terrifying and grinding, thats a good word for it, grinding!
Anyhoo here it the finished hunters star quilt! I love it. Pattern is the center part of the shining stars quilt from Lynne Goldsworthy in Todays Quilter
Look at my lovely Scoobs freezing his butt off for husbandsholdingquilts action!
I had some charm pack finishes on my finish along list so I got a wiggle on and managed four quilts!! Dead chuffed with these

Bless my Scoobs, he humours me I do love him so.
I managed to use up three charm packs and one mini charm pack in these, they will go to project Linus, so many folks in need just now.
What else!! I made some mini makes from arabesque scissors using up long hoarded Neptune and the maiden fabric from Tokyo milk

I loved making this. I also used up more of this fabric making a large rub from the tub family pattern from Rosie Taylor crafts, I love this pattern so much, it’s lined with indigo damask batik from African fabric shop,i bought this on a shopping trip with my chum Andy, happy memories 😊

And that’s it for 2020!! Stay safe luffly chums, see you on the other side.


  1. What a terrific set of finishes!!! You are simply adorable, exactly like your projects. What a terrific Scoobs holding the quilts!!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you so much! You are too kind, Scoobs is a real trouper with his quilt holding 😊

  2. What better way to round off the year than with a flurry of finishes?! Hooray! *waves pompoms*

    1. Thank you! Im looking for a flurry for the next furtle too!