Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Liberty lone star

And its done!!! this was finish no 6 on my Q3 list for the finish along. I love the radiating sparkles quilt pattern by Mack and Mabel, I knew i wanted to make a  liberty version for the Alice Caroline quilt sos project which is going to the Hestia Organisation this year.
It was a great idea but i had it in my head that liberty was a firmer fabric and didnt have much bias in it WRONG!!!!! i was so so wrong, it has as much bias as any other fabric!!! plus i started off by cutting the first strips incorrectly, for goodness sake! but in the end i absolutely adore it. I used some of my Standfast and Barracks uber cheap liberty as the background and i really adore the finished effect. As my lovely chum Jacky said about it all the way through - firey and sparkly!

And here it is expertly held by the maestro himself, my scoobs 😀

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