Friday, 7 August 2020

Finish along Q3

 Gosh I posted about a finish but I hadn’t actually posted my list!!! I think it’s because it all on Instagram now. Are blogs really so old fashioned? I suppose so but this place is for me and that’s fine.
Righty ho Q 3 list lets be having you
No1 is the garden trellis quilt pattern from hat creek quilts, Deirdre Abel. In capel.
No2  quilt in marbled fabric

No3 broken paperclip quilt pattern by Lucy Engels
No. 4 Michael Powell bookmark
No 5 mini makes dine in Neptune and maiden fabric
No 6 is a lone star in liberty for the Alice Caroline sos
No 7 is straightforward square quilt in liberty for Alice Caroline sos
No 8 rainbow quilt
No 9 is a quilt for social bite
No10 is the Liberty happiness mini quilt
No 11 is stitch on banner
 O 12 drumroll please! I’m going to start the Dear Jane and do it in Japanese metallics. Yeah I know, dear Jane .... but had to be done!
And that’s it folks but blow me this new blogger interface is pure mince isn’t it!!


  1. What a terrific list! That should keep you (mostly) out of trouble for the next wee while - good luck!!

    I realised the other day that I hadn’t put my Q3 list on my blog, either, but then completely forgot about it. I will add it to my to do list, thanks for the nudge!

    And yes, the new blogger interface is awful so I’m back using classic view, even if that’s quite glitchy when it comes to moving pictures around - the main reason is because it doesn’t tell you what size your pictures are and I like them to all the be same through a post. (And how the hell are you supposed to know what the new icons do when there’s no text associated with them? Where’s the key when you need one?!)

    1. New interface is just so pants 😱😱😱