Tuesday, 7 July 2020


Goodness me! I just realised I had left this as draft and never got back to it! 
Well, in the early stages of lockdown I felt really bad, i felt I wasnt doing anything. chums were making masks, making scrubs and work was just so full on I had no time or brain capacity to take on any of this. so I felt bad.
Then my lovely chum Sheena asked me how i would feel about raffling off a quilt I had donated to the charity she fund raises or - Link Living. Well I am so full of admiration for the work of Link Living, helping the homeless. It breaks my heart that in this day and age we have so many (any!) people living rough on the streets. So I jumped at the chance! Here was a way i could help. So we set up the charity giving page and off we went!
Remember this quilt? yup I raffled off the farmers wife quilt.

And what a raffle (or Quaffle as it became known as!) it was!!!!
so many lovely people, I had thought I could possibly raise £200??? too ambitious?? not in the least! we raised £1,183 squids!!!!! how totally awesome is that!

I knew the person who won it, and old librarian friend, Carole Gray who i had lost touch with, she saw it on twitter, what a grand way to reconnect :-)