Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June Furtle

Well June was a month wasn’t it? Honestly it just bonkers at the moment, totally bonkers. Is life a bit more normal? I honestly don’t know what is normal at the moment. But what i do know is that crafting almost remains the same 😊 I say almost because I still cant go to sewing days but there are zooms which are not the same but its lovely to see the faces and hear the voices.
So what has been happening in the craft rooms chez Budsmam?
Well I got quite a few finishes done!! I will do a separate blog post for each of these but I got the sew portable travel bag for both my class machines done. I used fabric which i bought from Japan, some cute Kawai fabric from the Tomato store in the Nippori fabric district in Tokyo. So many happy memories

We picked the winner of the quaffle! And all the lovely people who donated helped me raise £1,148 pounds for the fantastic charity LinkLiving. How fabulous, it was so good to do something so positive in the face of all that is going on at the moment. 

Oh here is the other sew portable travel set! This is for my more modern portable machine. I used panda canvas fabric for this plus some sloth fabric for the pouch.

Oh now i did say that I didn’t get to workshops sewing days etc but i did attend one virtually! I went to the Threadhouse 2nd virtual retreat. My bestest chum Irene also went. The main thing i wanted to do was this pattern byKaren Lewis, the Painted Village quilt. I made this in Liberty fabrics as part of the Alice Caroline SOS quilt drive. This is the first of 3 quilts i want to make, great fun and a fabulous way to use up smaller pieces of liberty

Awwww my lovely Scoobs! Doing what he does best - holding quilts 😊 It was the final show and tell for the my small world sew along hosted by the lovely Nicola Piccola and the Secret Sewer! So we got a chance to show off my Doric small world quilt.

Finished top of the painted village quilt!

Oh i got out again!!! Shielding was relaxed so i get to go out and about which is fab! I am so lucky to live on the outskirts of the village so i have lovely country lanes to walk around.

I was Queen Bee for my Siblings together bee group in May. I got enough blocks to put together a quilt top, lovely blue and green Greek cross quilts. 

Tubs!!! These have been on my finish along list for ages. What a fabulous pattern! So quick and easy to make but very effective. These are the medium tubs, I used some Hello Kitty canvas i bought in the Tomato Store in the fabric district in Tokyo. So many happy memories there.

Medium tubs with Bettis Bairns for size 😊

Oh what’s this? Some secret sewing thats what this is! It is a teensy granny square. Finishes at 4 inches square, I don’t normally do teensy but this is for a specific thing 😊

Lets round up with some coffee and quilts posts, I do love doing these on a Sunday with Sheena Stone, @auburnstitches it brings back happy memories when i look out not only the quilts but the mugs as well.

Lovely to see you all! Same time next month?


  1. What a busy month! I love those tubs, although it looks as though the chums have their eyes on claiming them. And the travel sets are fantastic! Hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* I’m intrigued by the tiny piecing, I can’t wait to see that finished! Thanks for furtling!

    1. The tiny piecing will be revealed soon 😁 the mini chums do have their eye on the tubs but are insisting on bespoke liberty ones 😂😂

  2. That whole Granny 4"? Oh my, look forward to seeing what that will become.
    Love the painted Village, well done on My Small World finish, good feeling eh.
    Basically love all your finishes, you have been so busy but I guess shielding would do that!
    Which tub pattern did you follow?

    1. Thank you 😁 yes the whole granny finishes at 4 inches 😲😲 but it's worked out OK, the tubs are the Rosie Taylor craft tub family, it's a fantastic pattern

  3. Such lovely work in June! Fab tubs and oh my what a small mini!!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    1. Thank you 😁 the mini has been successfully finished so will post in next month's round up