Tuesday, 9 June 2020

56 eh!

Well that was the weirdest birthday ever! so 56 lets be having you! Work is so full on just now i didnt really see the birthday coming. But due to my lovely husband and my lovely chums i did have a lovely day!

He knew that i was now going to miss a trip to Florence with my best chum Jacky but we are planning a virtual trip instead, so what did the lovely man do? he got me a special bottle of Florentine gin!

I also just have the loveliest chums, the lovely Ruth made me a wonderful pouch with wonderful fabric! look at this!!! OK yes i had some watery eyes when i opened it!
Panda card too :-)

I cant believe i am posting this early June and my birthday was 25th May!!! but then time seems to have taken on a new dimension at the moment!

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