Sunday, 31 May 2020

May furtle

Hullo there! how are you???? well most of you, not you Dominic Cummings and not Boris either, and as for you Matt Hancock, go do one. Dominic Rabb?? yup you too. Honestly I dont want to make this political but seriously .... my blood pressure has been through the roof.
So lets settle down and see what crafty stuff has been going on.
There has been sewing!!! lots of it! I was lucky enough to have a sooper luffly chum (you know who you are 😊) who gave me a sooper luffly bali pop. well what to do ??? what to do??? we make two quilts thats what we do! first up is a sailing boat one from  a pattern by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I got to use up loads of 2.5 inch charm squares in this one as well, win win!

And here just for you is my wonderful and he is wonderful Scoobs doing what he does best - holding quilts!!!

The second quilt i made from it was from a pattern called Jelly Weave by Cluck cluck sew. I loved making this one too, so much fun.

The sailing boat one will go to Project Linus and the Jelly Weave to Siblings together.

I went to a virtual retreat! The thread house one, fabulous fun and i got to stitch along with my best chum Irene as well - bonus! I concentrated on doing the Painted Village blocks by Karen Lewis, i am making them in liberty for the Alice Caroline SOS.

I have been making such good progress with the Michael Miller cross stitch, really chuffed with how well i have been getting on with it. I will be finished it soon!

I won a prize!!! fabric !! The lovely Jane tagged me in a post from Morris textiles and even though they are in the US they still posted it to me! and it arrived quicker than some post from the UK! what a fabulous bundle, my head is buzzing with ideas for it.

A few more coffee and quilts posts as well!

My specs broke! good old wonderclips held them together!
Then the wonderful Asda opticians gave me a duplicate set, they had to use my sunglasses frames but i love them. 
Lockdown is hard but there are some good things and those we need to hold on to. I get to have lunch in the sun with my Scoobs, thats pretty special.
Few more random coffee and quilts!

One of my colleagues had a 40th birthday, so we had a virtual birthday party for him and the Angry Birds hat came out of mothballs!!!
Last but most definately not least is my Quaffle!! I so admire the work of the charity Link Living and their fundraiser Sheena is a good chum. I wanted to do something to help them so the idea of the Quaffle - Quilt raffle was born!
You remember the Famers wife??

Well i wanted it to go to a good home, so we raffled it! Due to the tremendous generosity of a whole load of people we raised £1,183!!!! how totes amazeballs is that?

And thats about it. Yoo all take care!


  1. Oh, what a glorious month you've had! So impressed with the Quaffle participants generosity. Love the ships quilt. That's my favorite. I too love lunch outside when it's nice enough. Can't wait to hear about June.

    1. Thank you! The ship quilt is on its way to a good home 😁

  2. May was an incredible month for gorgeous finishes -hooray for finishes! *waves pompoms* *waves pompoms*- and your quilt holder -hooray for Scoobs! *waves pompoms*- and your quaffle! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!!! *waves pompoms* Thanks for Furtling!