Tuesday, 14 April 2020

tresna shawl

    I finished this just after Christmas, I got stonking through it while looking after my mam over Christmas. I bought the worlds most expensive ball of wool on the second Indie Burgh craft crawl almost 3 years ago! this pattern the Tresna shawl was written for that wool. I then realised that as i hadn't knitted for over 30 years it might not be a good idea to start with that wool! So i bought a skein of this glorious red from rainbow heirloom to  try making the shawl in.
The pattern was good fun when i eventually got back into the swing of knitting again, but i am so glad i didn't use the very expensive wool  there was quite a bit of ripping out in the early days!
  This red is a brute to photograph! but i love this shawl, happy memories buying the wool as well!

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