Monday, 9 March 2020

Japan Kyoto 21st and 22nd - Goshuincho

Goshuincho = honourable stamp seal book used by people visiting shrines or temples. The book  is handed over to an attendant and in return for a modest fee it will be stamped with the shrine or temple name along with the day and date.
The first stop today was Yasaka Jinja shrine in the Maruyama park. 

 This was where i plucked up courage to buy a Goshuincho book. They are so beautiful. I chose this orange and gold one and got it stamped.

 We spent a lovely hour or two wandering around the gardens.

We had seen that there were two other shrines close by, the first one - Marizoku-Inan seemed closed but the next one - Heian- Jingu was open and i got a stamp there. Very beautiful.

I should say that "collecting" shrine stamps is not considered appropriate,  you are meant to pray and show your respects. I did my best to do this at each shrine or temple. I followed the hand washing ritual and did go and pray, I asked for good fortune for one of my friends Sally who is having just an awful time of it just now. On returning I heard that things were looking slightly better for her. Co-incidence? you decide!
 This statue was outside Kyoto main library, i love this!

 It was lunch time so we were on the way to the Nishiki food street so we stopped there and sat down for dumplings and tepura and coke! then we also had some more of the fried chicken!
We spotted strawberry kitkats so that was good, I wanted to take them back for a collegue/

We then hoofed it down to the Imperial Palace,  lovely gardens and blossom was out!

 Totally shattered we headed back to the hotel, I wanted to see if the shrine next to the hotel - Yasui Konpirage had stamps and it did. I said my prayers for my friend and got my third stamp of the day.

We were determined to get something quick and easy for tea but ended up walking 5k steps and going to the cook your own beef place again! On the way home i got some of my new favourite thing, sparkling sake!

22nd February - A bit of a wash out! literally! we headed off on the train to Nara but it was torrential rain so we ended up just heading home again. To be honest we were both knackered by this time. Back in Kyoto station we found a place to eat in the basement, really nice, no idea what we had but it was fab! Then just straight back to the hotel to chill read and have our 7/11 supper!

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