Sunday, 15 March 2020

Japan 2020 24th February - Shrines and Temples

OH * MY * GOODNESS!!!! 24k steps, six more temple stamps plus a final fling at Nomura tailor,  thats a cracking day in my book!!! Starting off the day with a lovely breakfast, I went for the Western choice today, still lovely.

I  just loved this view, sitting today surrounded by fear and trepidation this takes me back only a few weeks to such a happy time.
The first stop was up in the hills.
I was heading for another Temple but i rounded a corner and saw this! how incredible!

The Ryozen Kannon shrine with this huge Bhudda statue. A monument to the unknown soldier. Such a beautiful shrine and gardens. My first stamp was here, I changed my prayer here , previously i had prayed for good fortune for my friend Sally who is having a rubbish time, here i said some words for Marks Great Uncle Walter who died in the great war. Mark recently bought his medals back into the family.

Next was the Kodaiji Temple and just by chance i wandered to the Yasaka pagoda where i got my second stamp of the dy!

I took a beautiful path up to the Kiyomizu-dera temple, stunning views and my third stamp of the day!

I happened across a path which took me through a bamboo forest to the Seikomji temple, this had no people there but it was stunningly beautiful, small but perfect.

On my way back down i found a graveyard, i do love a graveyard!

I wandered back via the Kiyomizu-dera temple then dropped down to the main street. I wandered along trying to find my next temple. On the way i passed by and into the Chishaku-in temple.

Very very beautiful, i was even brave enough to take off my shoes! the man who did my stamp was lovely and said that my "Arogato" (thank you) was very good :-) he used newspaper to blot the stamp.

After what felt like ages i got to the Tofukuji temple. Beautiful magical place where i got my last stamp. 
I managed to navigate my way to the JR Tofukuji railway station and from there get back to the main Kyoto station. I got the subway back to K09 and with not too much difficulty navigated my way back to the Bukkon temple but by this time it was 3.30 and it was closed. I found my way to the Nishiki food market, i was starving! I had dumplings on a stick! I tried to find the Hozoji temple which has the skulls stamp but it was closed.

It would have been nice to get it but it wasnt meant to be. I toyed with the idea of going back to the hidden needle store but i was tired and hungry and i just wanted to keep the perfect memory of the first visit. I got everything i needed or wanted on that visit.
I pootled back home via the Nomura tailor store and bought some gifts for friends plus some panda and sloth canvas fabrics, vury cute!
26k steps later i was back at the hotel, getting my favourite melon cream soda on the way!

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