Friday, 7 February 2020


Awwwww January wouldnt be January without Gartmore! and this year was no different.
Now who is that young pup? well its a young Llama, Mr Lloyd the Llama to be precise! Mini Mini Bud decided to stay home with the teacayks and let Lloyd have an adventure instead
 And what an adventure Lloyd had! We sat in our usual seat, because that is one of the comforting things about Gartmore, one of the many many comforting things about Gartmore. The certainty, the routine, the comforting rhythm of it all.

Oh i say Mr Lloyd, were you DJ??? and is that Adele I spot :-) another of the comforting routines of Gartmore is the music, Adele, Spandau Ballet, ABC, plus some new things to entertain us.

 Well what is this beauty! Lovely Ruth took along this bed runner to finish off, we all had an epiphany reading the Jackie Gering book - Walk. Who knew how much difference your foot pressure would make? anyhoo. We all loved this runner. It reminded me i need to get back to these patterns. Just so cute.

 Janice is just one of the loveliest ladies, and one of the funniest too. She brought along this banner she has started to make with all the funny things we say at Gartmore 'a warm desert wind' '90% Custard'
 Lloyd, are you drinking while sewing??????
 Its for me?? Well just how fabulous is that!!!
the Lovely Garrtmore staff came in and surprised us with Prosecco! how lovely was that!

 awww one of the many things i love about quilting is seeing the happy memories the fabrics spark. I remember going to the knitting and Stitching show with Ruth and Irene and Ruth buying these lovely sparkly japanese fabrics. So good to see them all together!
 Oh I say Lloyd, those are pretty fabrics but watch your pawsies with the rotary cutter!
just little old me enjoying my gazillion meters of fabric!!! a bargain snaffled at Harrogate and perfect for the jumbo paperclip pattern im working on.

Cin??? wots Cin??
 Ahhhhhh thats better! what a numpty getting my c and g mixed up. You think i would know better!

 Yea! Almost a finish! I have had this pattern ever since the FOQ 2019, OK it originally read Books and Quilts and Tea, but i think my version is better!

Lloyd the dude, spiffing titfer courtesy of lovely Ruth

 Lloyd atop the mountain of Emmaline retreat bags

Awwww an empty Cayzer room, never mind Gartmore we will be back soooooooon, April to be precise! 

 Poor Pauline couldnt manage but lovely Lucy took her back some apple crumble and custard.

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