Sunday, 19 January 2020

2020 FAL

I love a linky party! but the FAL has now gone completely Instagram .... I can totally understand why. It must have been a huge amount of work. I almost missed the deadline  for the Q1 post but I managed to squeek in. So what have we got?
No 1 - Liberty Lone star for Alice Caroline SOS
No 2 Jumbo Paperclip
No 3 - Broken Paperclip
No 4 Liberty for Alice Caroline SOS, still to be decided!
No 5 Diamond Primrose
No 6 Books and quilts and gin
No 7 Small diamond primrose
No 8 Bali pop scrappy trip
No 9 - My small  world
No 10 - Happiness mini quilt
No 11 - Tub in bear linen
No 12 - Pop open pouch
No 13 - Clearly carry all pouch
No 14 - OMCOC
No 15 - Cork wide open pouch
No 16 - Sew portable travel set