Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Is it any wonder my nerves are frayed????

Now that title is a little bit tongue in cheek and dont worry I am not melting down again, quite the opposite!
I had a road trip! with wonderful chums Sheena and Ruth. I think it was Sheena who first mentioned going to Harrogate for the knitting and stitching show. Well im not one to miss out on a crafty road trip so off we went!
I decided to drive which i dont think i would do again but hey i tried it and did enjoy it but waaaaaay longer than i thought. But i checked into my travel lodge (love a travel lodge) and headed off for a luffly dinner with Sheena at Las Iguanas, sooper fab with a lovely posh mocktail cos i was on the wagon (totes unecessary as it turns out ....)
The next day i decided to head to Bettys for breakfast. Bettys is an institution in Harrogate and it is lovely with this great latte and i had smoked salmon and scrambled eggies on muffin, vury nice start to the day.

I todled off to the show and who did i bump into but the lovely Viv from purple stitches. Well she has all the best fabric and i couldnt resist this, pandas in scarves!!!

The convention center itself was wonderful really nice, we got access to the theater so we could sit and have coffee/lunch and look at this.

 I liked the show,  lots of different things, i dont think i could do more than 2 days but it was a very pleasant weekend,  well mostly! I was standing looking at a stall and all i could hear was - "OK EVERYBODY!!!! STOP!!!" I stopped dead in my tracks and looked around to see a middle aged lady in the middle of an aisle glowering at a poor woman,  the next thing she said was "KAREN has decided that we are all now going THIS WAY and not THAT way, havent you Karen??????"
A poor old lady who was in the group and who had a zimmer did a very slow 365 degree turn in it and said mournfully "is it any wonder my nerves are frayed??" poor soul they had lost the spirit of the occasion a bit!!
Ruth suggested a local restaurant for our saturday night dinner,  really nice they had blade a cut of meat that reminds me of my youth and my gran, it was fab.
On the sunday we all met up for lunch, we had all been admiring the cakes in Bettys window so i had gone and bought us some marzipan robins, they were so nice!

 I had to have a little homage to Agatha, Dame Agatha Christie of course! This is the Old Swan hotel where she vanished to for 11 days in 1926.

Lets finish with my sunday breakfast latter from Balthazars a very nice deli. 

 Harrogate you were lovely and lovely company, I  will be back!

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