Monday, 14 October 2019

Q4 proposed finishes 2019 FAL

When the flipping heck did it get to Q4???? that means its the end of the year!!! im not ready for this you know!
Right lets get moving.
No1 - The vintage home BOM by Jo Avery for Todays quilter. No excuse with this, i got cracking with it recently so lets get it done!!!
No 2 - i had a rethink, i really want to make the broken paperclip pattern from Lucy Engels, i have had a change of heart about the fabric to use. I now want to use this shweshwe fabric for it.
No 3 - Lucy again! i want to make her jumbo paperclip patter and this Arne and Carlos bundle is perfect for  it.
No.4 I loved this class by Jenny Haynes, i really want to finish this off.
No 5 - I have been picking away at my booknerd quilt 
No 6 - this is a secret squirrel present, it will be a zip up tray for a chum.

No7 - awww how cute is this! lovely Sarah Edgar Pretty Fabrics pattern.
No 8 - I love Ruby Seppings such a nice lady, this is a gorgeous pattern,  i have a bundle of texty fabrics just perfect for it
No 9 - im still plugging away at this tresna shawl!
No 10 - yup also plugging away at this Michael Powell X stitch
No 11 I love to sew needle case
No 12 my small world quilt

No 13 - this is a sort of roll over, i didnt have enough time to make a liberty lone star for the Alice Caroline SOS so i made a simple square quilt instead, really want to do this though.
No 14 - I bought this pattern because i have a shed load of vinyl i need to use! and i love making a pouch and i have loads of zippers too! and its a cute pattern

No 15 another roll over bub im really keen to make this one, i want to start using my vintage machine more. 

No 16 another recent purchase, i have seen a ton of these on instagram and they look such a lovely make! perhaps using some of my selvedges?

no 17 how lovely is this fabric? a lovely gift from Sheena, i want to make the pop open pouch in it

No 18 how gorgeous is this cork fabric? i want to make a wide open pouch for a chum for her christmas with this

No 19 - I loved pattern testing for this Kam Martin diamond primrose pattern, got the templates and the fabric all cut up just need to put it together!
No 20 - Nearly there! OMCOC top done just quilt and binding now!


  1. Lots of gorgeous projects there, Sheila - should keep you out of mischief...