Sunday, 13 October 2019

Gartmore, October 2019 -AKA 90% custard

Full of the lurgy but determined to enjoy myself!
Gartmore, the punctuation of my year. The second Gartmore visit means its coming to autumn, colder but also more beautiful. It also meant a roast dinner on the sunday followed by crumble and custard :-)
Or the one where Bud the puppy made a new chum!

I was working on my Jo Avery Tea for Two BOM, here I am showing off my jugs ....

I am slowly plugging away at this BOM, i do love it despite mutterings which might indicate otherwise!
Mini Bud came too and had an explore!
Oh i say Lucy, like your style!
My usual small cramped room .....! I love that Gartmore remember where you stayed and give you the same room every time!

I always sit behind Lovely Ruth and she patiently puts up with my sighs and mutterings!

Margaret, gorgeous and stylish!

Cushions for Janice to sell for charity!

Morning after the night before!

I love Ruth to bits, she explained that her training as a conservator included being marked on the tidiness and layout of their workstation, this is perfection.

Bye bye Eleanor
Bye Bye Gartmore, till next time!


  1. Custard, jugs, tidy workstations, tiny chums, and sewing - what a more could a weekend ask for?!