Tuesday, 16 July 2019

WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH have i missed Q3???

WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! have I missed it? Work has been horrific and I have been away and it crept up on me .... I know excuses excuses. So eyes down for the 3 list of the year , lordy where has it gone to.

No.1 - New York Beauty in Tilda
The rows on this one are sewn together!!! this might just be a finish for this Q!

No.2 - Panda!
This is a pattern test so i dont want to do full reveal so here is a taster of him :-) yes he is in japanese fabrics! just need to add border and quilt

No.3 Paper Clip - Lucy Engels
I want to make Lucy's latest pattern in Japanese fabrics! i may have quite a bit of Japanese fabric ...

No.4 One more Cup of Coffee - Lucy Engels
aww man i have been collecting Lucys fabric since she started printing. I adore her fabric and she is from the same area as me to boot and a sooper luffly person as well :-) I have her pattern, i have the templates from Jenny Haynes. i just need to make it so.

No.5 Liberty Lone star
I commited to making 3 ... Alice Caroline SOS quilts this year. Its not like i dont have much liberty ...

 No.6 Liberty balloon
Im using Sarah Ashfords up and away pattern, I may have actually made some of these blocks,  only 26 more to go ...

No.7 Jo Avery Tea for 2
I love a Jo Avery pattern! I collected all of these patterns from Today's Quilter. I wanted to do it in bold fabrics, inspiration hit when i thought about using Japanese metallic and a bold green as the back ground and the backing, the vase fabric! got it at FOQ last year.
No.8 - Bee creative charm pack
Im not allowed to buy any more charm packs :-) well I did have a bit of an obsession at one time .... anyhoo Im using them up, I had 2 charm packs of Deb Strains Bee Creative so Im making it into a quilt for siblings

No. 9 Janet Clare charm packs, ditto my Janet Clare charms!

No.10 Michael Powell cross stitch
When a chum found out how much i love Michael Powell designs she unearthed a x stitch of his she had never got round to finishing. its lovely pattern, venetian windows.
No.11 Michael Powell bookmark
I always buy a bookmark from Michael Powell at the FOQ, this might be the last one i buy because im all Kindle now but i use them for my patchwork books.
No. 12 Tresna scarf
Woot woot! i have started knitting! I have the wool I have the pattern, just now need to fit in another 24 hours in the day. 
No. 13  - Kam Martin Diamond primrose pattern
I pattern tested this and loved it so much i bought the templates ...! I think it will become a 'big scrap' quilt

No.14 Book nerd quilt
ARRRRRK, i was going to stop above but i cant have 13 on the list .... anyhow i was intending to do this pattern this year. I think i will make it my 'big scraps' pattern. There will be a few big scraps coming from some of the quilts above which will be perfect for this.

No.15 Bee HSTs
This is from siblings together bee. I asked for a LV and mini charm HST, the charms are in blues yellows greens mostly. I think i know how i am going to put them together just need to DO it!

No 16. 
Hand Pieced Sampler quilt
The last block should be out before the end of Q3 and i have been mostly keeping up with this BOM  from todays quilter so I am hopeful! ever hopeful!


  1. Great options for Q3! Can't wait to see what you accomplish!!!

    1. Thank you! I love the FAL so good at keeping me on track!

  2. What a lovely list - which will you tackle first?! (And I notice that once again you couldn't stop at thirteen and then proceeded to add a further three projects when one would have done...) Good luck!

    1. Well you know me and odd numbers 😂😂 when I get home from London going to concentrate on putting hearly finished tops together plus the liberty balloons I think

  3. Well the good news is you didn't miss it! Good luck finishing up some of these projects! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts!