Monday, 29 July 2019

Thought for the day

This picture popped up in my facebook memories on saturday, its from July 2011. I look the picture of health dont i? I was months away from being dead ... no seriously, i was. I was training for a 10k, and had gone out for a run because i was getting a biopsy the next day to see what a lump in my neck was. It was stage 4 hodkins lymphoma which had already started to migrate to my liver (yes i had all the jokes about my gin soaked liver repelling the cancer :-)!

 So 8 years later i decided to go for a wee jog again, it was pouring down with rain but i had a good run, and i still have a decent pair of legs if i say so myself :-)
reminder, dont sweat the small stuff you never know whats around the corner.