Thursday, 25 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London part one, Bath

Whoof!!!! This year my scoobs is doing a BIG TREK, doing a BIG TREK takes up all of his holidays so we had only one week together which is fine. I had my week in Florence which was amazing then i had to think about what i would do for my two week break in July. I saw the lovely Sheena had a blast in Bath at the Kaffe Fassett exhibition so that was my starting point for the two weeks, four nights in Bath.
I loved the fashion museum, small but jam packed with lovely things.
It was housed in the Assembly Rooms which were home to some impressive chandeliers!

Bath apparently had some nice gin!
I got a saver ticket which combined the Fashion Museum, the Roman Baths and the Victoria Art gallery. It was worth it for jumping the queue to the baths!

I love an ionic column!

The Art Gallery was quirky!

I went to the abbey too, some lovely ceilings

This was NOT my B&B, mine was a room above a pub .... which was cheap but a little bit naff and noisy.

I have a separate post about the Kaffe exhibition, but here is my breakfast at the American Museum, lovely views, this was a special morning.

This was my B&B :-) it did the job and was cheap!
Every day i walked for 30 mins into Bath past this cemetery, now you know i love a graveyard! so on the last day i walked round it.

This was my latte at the American Museum, nice bit of latte art :-)

I never did find out why this was called Pierrepont place, anything to do with the hangman?
OK this is all a bit out of order but thats fine :-) this was the Bath Museum of architecture, it was nice but very small, housed in this chapel. i went here on the last day, because it was so tiny i had time to go on an open top bus tour.
This is no 1 Charlotte square, perfectly preserved, beautiful.


  1. What a lovely trip! The perspective on the photo of your b&b makes it look like you stayed in a doll's house! Oh, and there's a wikipedia article about Pierrepont Place and it mentions it was named in honour of Evelyn Pierrepont (2nd Duke of Kingston-Upon-Hull) who sold the land it stands on to the developers who built the houses.

    1. Why thank you! That clears up that mystery 😁 the B&B was a bit dolls house ish 🤣