Sunday, 28 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London, London day 4 chums and exhibitions and loveliness

Oh man oh man oh man! I had totally forgotten that me Sheena and Ruth were meeting up for breakfast so I had brekkie before meeting up with them .... doh! It was at Carluccios, fab food.

We had talked for ages about going to the Mary Quant exhibition and finally here we were!!!!! OMG, how incredible was this woman.

My favourite frock :-)

I love the V&A so much, I remember seeing this on Blue Peter when i was young!

We had lunch at Carluccios, with perhaps some fizz :-) then off to the Serpentine to see the Faith Ringold exhibition, very powerful.

Then we sat outside and chatted and just hung out, cant get much better than that can you :-)

After we went back to Carluccios for dinner! and some more wine, what a perfect day.


  1. So you went to Carluccio's for all three meals this day? Excellent!!! (Where did you go for snacks?!)

    1. Would you believe it was too warm for snax!!! Carluccios was fab would definitely go back there