Sunday, 28 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London, London day 2 & 3, pootling round museums and Galleries

Days 2 and 3 are a bit of a blur! I got a bit lost in Camden, but there are worse places to get lost in!

then i went to Sir John Soanes house, no photography inside unfortunately, but i did love it ever so much, lots of character!

I needed the loo! so a quick trip to the British Museum ..., well it was close and free!

Who knew Nefertiti had a sewing machine!

It was chucking it down so I scuttled off to the National Gallery for a mooch

Love an impressionist!

TURNER!!!! and my favourite and first Turner, I saw this over 20 years ago on a visit to London, it took my breath away then and still does - The Fighting Temeraire, how wonderful.

OK after that pootle the rain had died down so I headed off to Shaukat to pick up some bargains :-) love Shaukat!

Oh these chaps are out of order, not i dont mean they are being bad I just mean they should have been earlier on as they are from the British Museum!Love these guys, so majestic.

And thats day 2 and 3 wrapped up!