Monday, 29 July 2019

Budsmam does Bath and London, I think its day 5, lost count this is bagels and cemetaries

How flipping good is this!!! Salt beef Bagel from Brick Lane, i am coming back here again, what an amazing place.

The afternoon i managed to drag myself away from  the food and take a trip to highgate cemetery. I passed this on the way, OK Archie, who is Fabrizio :-)
Highgate cemetery is fabulous, in two parts, you pay to go round, one part is open the other is tour only.

A plaque with 42 on it and a pot of pens instead of flowers .... can only be one grave, Douglas Adams, thank you Douglas you were a HUGE part of my teenage years.

Karl Marx :-) I restisted doing my "power to the people" Tooting Popular Front salute (niche joke that one)

This one was amazing I had to tear myself away from it.

The second cemetery which is tour only was fascinating, not so much a famous person tour but more a tour about Victorian burial rights and symbolism, great stuff.

Ivan Litvanenko

The catacombs totally freaked me out!!

the journey back was a bit of a nightmare. signalling problems on underground, a 12 minute journey took two very hot and steamy hours! I came out and walked part of the way around knightsbridge, saw this fab outfit.
When i got back to the hotel and ordered a LARGE glass of rose, the lovely barman topped my glass up to the top, he said i looked like i needed it!!! this was after a couple of mouthfuls!


  1. I would love to go on the tour of Highgate cemetery! (And Mini Archie says he's not telling...)

    1. Hmmmmmm I'm still curious about fabrizio 🤣🤣 Highgate was fabulous they do twilight tours, now I know where they are I would definitely book one