Sunday, 30 June 2019

June's furtle

Well there would have been more photos .... but guess which numpty left her mobile in the car when she dropped it off for the MOT and only realised AFTER she had put the key through the letter box!!! Scoobs is away and wont be home till late and i dont want to be later again with my furtle *looks anxiously at the committee ...* 
A few main things this month. The up up and away SAL with Sarah Ashford on IG. I love this pattern and as its long and thin its ideal for the long thin quilts for the Alice Caroline SOS in liberty. I got off to a cracking start with 8 in the first week then i stalled.
I had to make a pouch for my bosses leaving do, I used literary fabric to make an Aneela Hoey booklet pouch. I would love to show you the pictures but they are on my blessed phone! if you are on IG you will have seen them.
Another major distraction this month has been this! the hand pieced sampler by Carolyn Forster for Todays Quilter. I have loved making this one but i dont hand piece which has been difficult at times because the blocks are really made for hand piecing but i have managed. It uses the quilt as you go method which i love for putting quilts together, it all comes together whoooooof at the end! Im practising spiral quilting on each block which is fun.

I refound the verve, bitter sweet symphony, love that song, there may have been dancing in the sewing room (and why not!)
My Tresna shawl ..... ok this is my first attempt at knitting in 30 years .... so i pick something nice and easy!!!!! no chance *sigh* my main concerrn is the VERY loopy edge but i am reliably informed it will block out, whatever the heck blocking out is??? well we shall see wont we!
Oh i had a nice evening with Stuart Hilliard! what a nice man, It was the Stirling residential weekend for the Quilters guild and they had spare tickets for his talk at night. great fun!

Righty ho, I will link up and mop up any spare pictures with some separate blog post! ta ta!


  1. Sone lovely makes there Sheila, my contribution for June furtling was equally frustrating, so much so I completely missed the linky. Must be something in the water eh?

    1. I think mercury was about to enter retrograde!

  2. To set your mind at rest, Furtling doesn't come under the purview of The Committee, just Mini Archie...

    Your balloons are looking fantastic, as are the (not) hand pieced sampler - I love the idea of spirals on each block but not having had to manhandle the whole quilt through the machine to do them! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping for a finish on the balloons soon!!!!