Sunday, 31 March 2019

FAL Q1 2019 a panda tastic finish!

We haz a finish! woo hoo! Pandas in the house. This was no 8. on my Q1 FAL proposals

I have been collecting panda fabric for a while, who doesnt love a panda! the green panda fabric was a gift, wrapped around a bottle of gin :-) and i know the chums who gave it to me would approve of this quilt going to Project Linus.
I used a nice bit of Liberty from my standfast and barracks seconds stash to back it. Im going to back all my quilt with lawn, it makes them so light and much easier to quilt.

March furtling

EEEEKKKKKKKKK i *may* have inadvertently said i had furtled when i hadn't .... well i had loaded the pictures up ..... but gin was involved .... and i was watching Star Trek Discovery and and and.
Right lets see what we have been up to! well for a start I'm not going blind *phew* ! i have been having real problems with my eyes recently, anyone on the receiving end of a garbled text or whatsapp message will understand :-) ive been having double vision for a few months now and was getting really worried but its fine!!! I'm not going blind and its not the arthritis or the medication its just *sotto voce* old age .... one eye is going more short sighted and the other more long sighted and my poor wee brain cannae cope!!!!! hence the blurry vision, one opticians visit and 400 squids later .... and i should be fine with a new pair of specs.
soooooo, wots been happening on the crafty front! Did i mention i was in Florence :-) so one week in March was taken up with that, totes amazeballs, if you want to see pretty piktures see other blog posts.
In the sewing arena i made a scottie dog for a Scottie dog! Scottie Anderson was a lovely chum in my old work place, his instagram name is @scottie_dug and he has a scottie dog, well there was only ever one thing i was going to make him for a leaving present!!
 Fab pattern from @tartankiwi, comes together a dream, i used up the last of my Amy Sinibaldi paperie fabric, the library one, plus some zen chic figures fabric.
 Scottie worked for the drama department, designing theatre sets. As luck would have it i had this fabulous FQ of theater fabric from @carinacraft destash, ideal!

 I dont normally label my quilts as they are for siblings or linus so i improvised with my rubber stamp i use to make cards with, nifty huh!

I had a worky conference which was FIVE MINUTES WALK FROM LIBERTY!!!!! soz forgive caps lock but hey, how fab was that! and i had half an hour after the conference finished before i had to get to the airport .... so two half meters them :-)

Right thats not the only liberty hitting the sewing room this month ... my (high drama very demanding ...) Budthepuppy now gets the liberty sent direct to him ...

 The capel box of lurve, yes that is what it is officially called, dont judge ok? :-)
And who is this new member of the Chez Budsmam gang who has been popping up in the pictures? She is the rather lovely Wendy the quilting librarian mouse!

I have wanted one of these for a long time! and finally i got round to ordering one from the fabulous honestly the detail is incredible. I got to choose all the books which came with her, she is just adoreable.
The impending loomingness of the finish of the first quarter of the FAL has kicked my arse into gear, so the panda quilt has been finished, separate FAL blog post for that.
I bit the bullet and put together the Neptune and the maiden quilt top.

Oh yes heh heh heh, i had a sooper dooper new upgrade to my sewing table :-) for the princely sum of £7.80 i now have a standing sewing table! and it is BRILLIANT!

I love this, spotted on a visit to one of our campus libraries which covers textiles and design.

I will finish off with a small display of quilts from the Quilters Guild area day for region 16. I had a super day there with Sheena @auburnstitches.

 All these quilts were made by the same lady, information below:

Linking up to the fabulous @archiethewonderdog and their monthly furtle.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Florence day 2 afternoon

Right! feeling loads better after a cool can of juice down the leggings and some yoga :-) i set off for the afternoon of day 2.
first stop in the afternoon is the cenacollo di Santa Appollonia,  small but nice with a good last supper. two lovely gents sitting in chairs in front of it chatting. Imagine being able to do that every day!
Next up Pallazzo Medici riccardi, my diary says, chandeliers and grumpy sheep mostly!

Loo stop! there is a tourist info place just next to the Duomo which does charge for the loo but its clean convenient and you get to look at this when you come out.
mmmmmm Ghiberti

Next up the Uffizzi baby!

The Uffizzi does a great ceiling!

I want to make a Bargello quilt based on this Angels wings.

Botticelli baby!
!!!! I stood in the same room as this! had to punt a fair few tourists out of the way to get this picture ....

This just melts me, i want to make a quilt with these colours.

View of the Duomo from the Uffizzi cafe
Palazzo Vecchio, never manged to get fully round this, it was full of a conference thingy. Very inconsiderate!

I love a window display.