Sunday, 17 February 2019

Neptune and the Maiden

Ive given up calling this Neptune and the Mermaid which is what the fabric should be called,  i like Neptune and the Maiden so that is what it shall be!
I really really wanted to get these blocks done so i could look for sashing this weekend.
Early morning sewing! what could go wrong ...

Can you see it? honestly if i had a brain i would be dangerous! so lets unpick ....
And then make even more of a mess of it! i have no idea what led me to sewing the wrong bit back again, unpick unpick unpick ....

At flaming last !!!!

 Still no further forward with sashing though. The consensus seems to be grunge, probably in dark blue or green?

I have put the blocks away for now, im a bit grumpy just now and thats not a good way to tackle a thing like this!

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