Sunday, 30 December 2018

Bespoke gin mat

I wont deny this christmas has been a struggle. i was not prepared for the tsunami of grief which came with the one year anniversary of loosing a loved one in such a tragic manner. I know others have a greater grief to bear but mine is here and i couldn't seem to stop it in December. t
The poor ladies from Killearn had to mop me up when it was the one year anniversary of his death. I had to avoid the new office christmas party lunch as it was on the one year anniversary of the funeral. I spent most of the day in tears.
I simply could not face christmas this year. I wrote no cards apart from immediate family and bought only two gifts, Mark and my mam.
I felt rotten but simply could not participate.
So this present touched my heart so much and this is what i will remember from christmas this year. The lovely Cath - cumbrianlongarmer sent me a bespoke gin mat :-) i cant capture the glittery fabric so you will just have to take my word for it :-) how lovely is this.
So I wont remember the sad times just the lovely generosity and kindness of heart of people you meet on this journey.
Lloyd loving my christmas card!
Miss Mhari mowse quickly snaffled the star ornament! While Mini Mini Bud got the teacayk ornament!

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