Sunday, 18 November 2018

My Scoobs

8 years eh! we have been togetherr for 16 years but married for 8.
So how much do i love this man? rather a lot actually.
We have been coming to the Pine Trees for many years now. In the early days Bud would come too.
Mark proposed here, we honeymooned here and this was the first place we came away too after i finished chemotherapy.
Our wedding was amazing truly the best day of my life.
I didnt then know that we would spend our first wedding anniversary waiting for results of a PET scan which would tell us if i would survive to the second wedding anniversary.
So while every day is a bonus every anniversary is sooper special.
This year we booked into the coach house of the Pine Trees, i think we will be coming back again, how ace is this.

The inside of the room was fabulous too.
Our own sitting room!

My scoobs in his natural habitat making coffee.

When we walked into the room this was waiting for me!

I love this man so much
I love dressing up for dinner :-)

 I can still walk in these babies :-) not far mind you but far enough to take me to the bar!

some slightly squiffy selfies :-)

We did a little bit more than drink and eat! it was a beautiful weekend so we went for loads of walks, these are from the Birks of Aberfeldy.

Walk above the Pine Trees hotel

me and my scoobs

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