Friday, 12 October 2018

Leaving part deux!

I really dont know where to start, no seriously I dont. How do i encapsulate 11 incredible years in one blog post? and not just nay 11 years, 11 years of ups downs, highs lows, amazing times. so I will start with these, because supporting my subject areas at QMU was possibly the most rewarding aspect of the job (and i have shown Eric Liddells gold medals to Alan Wells 😃) These are the webpages i put together for my subjects. They were always in the top  5 of most accessed pages :-) i trained my students well!

My last day was always going to be a TAD emotional and it seemed to go on forever, but lets start with cake, and not just any cake an Isabel Bentley cake. Isabel is our star baker and was responsible for my totally awesome patchwork 50th birthday cake. How could she out do that?? well i think she did and it tasted as awesome as it looked.

phew! emotional but hey there was cake, everything is better with cake. What else could there be??? At lunchtime my chum Laurie and Isabel wanted to take me to the student union for a drink .....awww how kind 😃😃 as we came out of the main building heading across to the union i wondered why i could hear "beautiful sunday" blaring out??? and why were there so many people in university square??? and WHY WERE THEY ALL DANCING THE SLOSH!!!!! now for those of you who dont know, the slosh is a dance, bit like a line dance which is a regular at scottish weddings. My mother was never a fan and i was not allowed to learn it when i was young (smacked of having too much fun ...) so our student Union Manageress (and mother to Rocco my floofy pal) was horrified when she learned this so taught me how to do it. I never looked back, i have participated in record breaking slosh attempts, i have danced it drunkenly in the foundry in Aberdeen with best chum Irene (hello Irene!) i LOVE doing the slosh and have always joked that i would love to see a flash mob slosh in the main university square! so what did lovely Laurie do? she organised a flash mob slosh as part of my leaving present (to be fair it was a dream come true for a lot of people there!!!)
and so what to do but join in 😁

One of my lovely students - Shu got this video of the second slosh, yes there was more than one tune!:

Phew! i took the afternoon off because i knew i wouldnt be up to doing much. Next came the official presentation. Afternoon tea in the student union. I dont actually remember much of this, i was just too too emotional so let the pictures do the talking.

so who knew i love gin and pandas !
 my floofy pal
 tins! and notebooks! i love tins and notebooks!
 badge from a lovely student
 my desk
ooook - my desk

 Laurie me and Isabel post slosh
 I do love OT
 When a lecturer writes you a poem!
 bother, rotated the wrong way but beautiful whale pictures from  a smashing lecturer!
 Not only does Isabel bake great cakes but she buys awesome mugs!
 how did i accumulate so much booze ???? so many people know i love gin!
 fabulous bookmark from my step count pal Mikey
 I choke up when i see this, my floofy pal, Rocco, my lunchtime companion for many years.
 Im welling up writing this, a card and badge from a lovely student
 leaving presents!
 more leaving presents!
 presents from lovely people who want you to be happy in your new job, blimey im greetin just looking at these.
 oh gosh, a liberty voucher and the loveliest card ...

 Wine! salute,  as in salutogenesis (google it)
 ma pal, in the student union, a happy place
 my boss giving my leaving speech
 Dearly beloved .... oh lord know what i was waffling herer ....

flipping heck even a card from the bookshop who does a pop up shop on campus twice a year !!!!

My last picture on campus, thank you but Budsmam over and out.


  1. All of this just proves what we already knew - that you are a lovely lady and loved by many xxx