Tuesday, 18 September 2018

A leaving present

Oh my goodness where to begin?? well the beginning is a good place. Before i go any further lets just mention that this is me ticking off no 3 on my FAL Q3 list
I was in the process of leaving the jobi  had been in for 11 years a long time. My boss who has been a good boss and friend loves Japanese fabric and also loves the swans we have on campus, so it really was a no brainer to make her the Tartan Kiwi swan pattern in japanese fabrics. i knew exactly what i wanted to do, just needed to make sure i had enough fabrics.
The putting together was relatively straight forward, thanks to Juliets brilliant patterns this came together quite quickly.
Of course I had to get a picture of it on the campus
 And my favourite floofy pal had to photo bomb!


  1. It's gorgeous! Congratulations on the finish! *waves pompoms*

  2. Beautiful swans! Lovely pattern and it sounds like it was a great match for its recipient. Beautiful finish!

  3. What a great goodbye present, love the reflection effect! Thank you for participating in the Finish-A-Long!