Thursday, 30 August 2018

Falling down

On Saturday I fell over, I tripped over Marks walking boots and tumbled down the last two steps on our stairs in the house. I bruised both elbows, twisted ankle but not too badly and bruised my arse. Eh dear, it did give me a scare, with my joints the way they are im terrified of falling over. but the main injury was to my dignity!
so what to do? you pick yourself up. Pat your bruised arse and go on an adventure. I walked into town to post a letter and went through some tunnels I had never been down before.

walked up some steps I haven't walked up before. 
walked over the remains of the Antonine wall which is by my house. 
and I reminded myself not to worry, shit happens and all that was hurt was my arse. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so relieved you're okay that I can barely type! (I started to worry that I hadn't seen you on instagram over the past few days because you were in traction! Phew!) Now tell Mark to keep his boots in a more sensible place xx

    1. Oh sorry! Didn't mean to worry! Scoobs was horrified and is uber careful now xx