Tuesday, 17 July 2018

FAL Q3 2018 proposed finishes

 woo hoo! after the disaster that was Q2 and my blogging app not working any more I think I now have a system! Right lets kick this off.
No 1. - how cute is this hidden panda canvas fabric? its destined to be a Oslo Craft bag, fingers crossed.
No.2 - Classic meets modern quilt, all put together needs quilting and etc etc. 
 No. 3 - Swan pattern from TartanKiwi in Japanese fabrics, this is a leaving present (I'm leaving its for someone I'm leaving behind at work!)
No.4 - Bunting! a lovely lady at work asked me to do this for her daughters bedroom, how could I say no! 
No.5 - Another TartanKiwi pattern, a rather lovely horsie! needs quilted and bound etc etc. 
No.6  - how lovely is this fabric? I got it at last years festival of quilts and ive always felt guilty I haven't used it. I want to make an Emmaline bag from this.
No.7 - again  some left over charm squares, I want to make 3 bookcase mini quilts and want these to be the book spines.
No. 8 this has been on the back burner for too long, a reveille quilt for either Linus or siblings, let see what size it turns out. 
No.9 - the farmers!!!!! all squares are made I just need to fine suitable sashing so its top of the list for shopping at FOQ! 
No - 10 Ahhhhhh Neptune and the Maiden fabric! I need to turn this into a quilt using  this gorgeous super sized block from Material Girl Quilts.


  1. Looking forward to that sashing shopping at FOQ! Xxx

    1. I have just seen you comment I’m so sorry! Blogger is not alerting us to comments, bad blogger! Two more sleeps! Xx

  2. You have such a lovely assortment of projects. I hope that you are making progress on your list and look forward to seeing what you have finished. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in and good luck!