Sunday, 4 March 2018

Another finish!

Please meet Priscilla, not currently Queen of the desert but queen of the snow. Yes i know peacocks are male 😊😊 but this had to be Priscilla. This was number 1 on my finish along list for Q1 i started making this at Gartmore. It has now become traditionsl for me and  lovely Ruth to make a twin pattern from Tartan kiwi and this year we chose the peacock from her fabulous book “Animal quilts” All detailed in this post. The fabrics are sll from the Lovely Katy at Japan crafts. Priscilla i might just love you a bit too much 💕💕



  1. Priscilla is as fabulous as his maker!

    1. I missed this comment and its so lovely too! Thank you

  2. Oh my goodness - Priscilla is just fabulous!! Congratulations on a beautiful finish. On behalf of the 2018 FAL hosts, thank you for finishing along with us.