Sunday, 26 November 2017

Smashing my personal best

I seem to have many draft blog posts about works in progress, its high time i got my act together and  finished them! Neve mind its been s good weekend, fairly chilled and relaxed. Im in the step count challenge which is a fun thing, in the last week you are supposed to try and beat your personal best. My personal best was 33,286. This weekend i set out to try and beat that. The paths were icy so i wasnt hopeful but then i forgot about my sheer and utter thrawness .... 😊 I walked to the kelpies, six miles, met Mark there for lunch then walked home again. Lovely day, listened to Murder on the Orient Express from radio 4. It reminded me what liberties the recent film adaptation had taken! Here are some highlights.
I added on about another 1,500 after that pic was taken. Tired but happy.


  1. That looks wonderful! I do miss the days of lacing up my boots and just walking to my heart's content...