Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sewing day

I made a backpack!!!! Pandas natch, c'mon, it had to be. Pattern - Keepsake ring back pack by Sew Sweetness. I used up ALL the panda fabric ... well no of course not! I still may have some panda fabric left .... i wanted a small more handbag sized backpack i can use when i dont want my full work backpack.

But you know the best thing? The BEST thing ever? I now have a new sewing group. A laid back chilled, no agendas no bee blocks just rock up and do your own thing sewing group.
Im just so happy, when i moved down here in 2000 i had no network down here, just split upmy marriage, late 30s, concentrating on work and rebuilding my life. Sometimes now i look back and see how far i have come.
I dont make chums easily, im a friendly person but i am your classic introverted extrovert, or vice versa 😊 So i take my time getting to know folks, its just the way i am and im happy with it. Plus working 60 miles away from where i stay and also not having children means the normal routes to making connections are not there. So i have struggled at times to rebuild a network of chums.
So thats why i love instagram and twitter, random conversations end up with a fabulous sewing day! Kim - @kmj_creations suggested booking a village hall in Killearn which is 45 mins from me. A few more conversations later and 12 of us rock up, sew a storm, eat cake and generally have a laugh!
Even better? We now have two more days booked. 


  1. What a great backpack, but even better is a new and fabulous sewing group! Hooray!!