Sunday, 23 April 2017

Giotto frescos

Envy, how amazing is this!! I adored our trip to Verona and couldn't believe it when a chum told me that I could get to Padua and see the Giotto frescos in an hour. So we duly boarded a bus and hot footed it to Padua. I studied Italian and Florentine Renaissance art with the OU many many years ago, I was pretty dreadful but I still really enjoyed it! Seeing the Fra Angelico frescos in Florence was the highlight of my visit there and I couldn't wait to see these beauties. I wasn't disappointed.   
Inconstancy ...

You get 15 mins to look around and it's a small chapel so that's loads of time right? Nope it's no time at all especially when you are looking at the stars.
I adored every minute, breathtaking right? I'll just leave you with these images.
The image on the left is despair, I don't think I have seen a more eloquent and heartbreaking evocation of despair.
She truly broke my heart I couldn't stop looking at her.
The devils stole  my heart I loved him.


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